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UTL File Processing

In ORACLE PL/SQL programs to write or read any kind of data from the file to the system and vice versa we will make use of the oracle standard API UTL FILE . 

To use this feature first user have to create both logical and physical directories in the data base server. If we are writing into the file then the user should have the write privilege and to read user should have the read privilege to the directory. This UTL_FILE package or API is owned by SYS user.

1. Create the Directory As Below.
In the above XXDIRECTORY is a Directory name and  'C:\abc\axefolder\GL\UTL_EX' is a directory path in the oracle database server.

2. Grant the Privileges.
3.Create the physical Directories.

4. Add the XXDIRECTORY path (i.e'C:\abc\axefolder\GL\UTL_EX') to UTIL_FILE parameter.     We can check the current parameter value by using the below query 
SELECT value FROM v$par…

Oracle Financials RXi Reports

Oracle Financials RXi Reports
RXi is the Reports Exchange and is a tool that works in the same way for many Applications. is one of the way to generate the flexible reports. It's Users are given with an option to setup the report layout based on their own business requirement. Here layout means user can choose the required columns, Summation of particular columns at page level or report level, Count of rows etc., Navigation For RXi Reports Setup:Select Responsibility Report eXchange Designer

Select SetupRXi               Select RXi Report to setup

We can have multiple Attribute Sets for each kind of report layout
Select column Details to For ordering Column values and having Sum and count of Columns

Useful Oracle Workflow Meta link ID's

Issue Description Oracle Metal ink Note id’s Verifying the Connection of SMTP Server in Notification Mailer  note.753845.1 Notifications With Embedded Framework Regions Are Not Mailed or Sent ID 309856.1 Workflow Mailer Fails To Send Email Notifications With Framework Region ID 747490.1 Not Receiving Workflow Email Notifications Possible Connection Refused Error ID 464016.1 Connection Refused Errors in Mailer Log After Applying ATG RUP4 ID 403431.1 Troubleshooting Inbound & Outbound Email Notifications ID 1184846.1 Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i 453137.1 Oracle Workflow Cartridge Workflow Java Mailer Setup Test 274764.1 Tracking Workflow Notification Event Messages 433359.1 Queries Related to Alert and Mailer Integration Post RUP4 456921.1 How to Stop mails from Workflow Notification Mailer 454706. Workflow Mailer Configuration SSL Implementation [Video]

Using Oracle J Initiator On Windows 7 i3 OR i5 Processor And on IE9

J-Initiator Installation on Window 7:

Double-click on jinit13130.exe Install the J-Initiator and “Next” a couple of times program will be activated. Copy file to your computer at following folder "C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\\bin\hotspot"
Replace the old files jvm.dlland msvr71.dll
If you are using the Windows 7 you have to do the following power settings·Click Start ·In the search box, type Power Options and hit enter ·Chances are, the radio dot is on the balanced (recommended) setting. ·Click on the   Change     plan settings link to the right for whatever plan is selected. ·Click the Change advanced power settings link ·In the advanced options, scroll down until you find Intel Graphics and click on the + next to it. ·You should see two options below the Intel Graphics: Plugged In and On Battery. Set   both of these to Maximum Performance. ·Apply and OK, then you can close everything else down. ·Test now. IE9 Setups: Internet Options -> Security ->Local Intranet…