Useful Oracle Workflow Meta link ID's

Issue Description
Oracle Metal ink Note id’s
Verifying the Connection of SMTP Server in Notification Mailer
Notifications With Embedded Framework Regions Are Not Mailed or Sent
ID 309856.1
Workflow Mailer Fails To Send Email Notifications With Framework Region
ID 747490.1
Not Receiving Workflow Email Notifications Possible Connection Refused Error 
ID 464016.1
Connection Refused Errors in Mailer Log After Applying ATG RUP4
ID 403431.1
Troubleshooting Inbound & Outbound Email Notifications
ID 1184846.1
Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i
Oracle Workflow Cartridge Workflow Java Mailer Setup Test
Tracking Workflow Notification Event Messages
Queries Related to Alert and Mailer Integration Post RUP4
How to Stop mails from Workflow Notification Mailer
Workflow Mailer Configuration SSL Implementation [Video]
ID 1324799.1
Troubleshooting Inbound And Outbound Email Notifications
ID 1184846.1
 Unable To Start Workflow Notification Mailer
Note 418329.1
 Workflow Cannot Connect to IMAP Sever: "Unable to Make a
                    Network Connection"
Note 577592.1
Java Mailer not Starting Error in Handling Component Event
Note 297725.1
 Error Svc Component Container
Note 257723.1
How To Troubleshoot Java-based Workflow Notification Mailer 
Note 242941.1
Example Of Configuring Workflow Java Notification Mailer 
Note 249957.1
How To Configure The Workflow Java Mailer Without An IMAP Account (Assumes No Inbound Processing
Note 268274.1
How To Modify Workflow Message Bodies Due To Functionality Change in And Above?
ID 377010.1

R12: How To create read only responsibility  
Note 1290228.1
How To Create a Query Only Responsibility In Applications 11i
Note 434797.1
How To Make All The Responsibilities Read Only For A User
Note 363298.1

Review WF dev guide for other APi's


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