Using Oracle J Initiator On Windows 7 i3 OR i5 Processor And on IE9

J-Initiator Installation on Window 7:

Double-click on jinit13130.exe Install the J-Initiator and “Next” a couple of times program will be activated.
Copy file to your computer at following folder "C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\\bin\hotspot"

Replace the old files jvm.dll and msvr71.dll


If you are using the Windows 7 you have to do the following power settings

·         Click Start
·         In the search box, type Power Options and hit enter
·         Chances are, the radio dot is on the balanced (recommended) setting.
·         Click on the   Change     plan settings link to the right for whatever plan is selected.
·         Click the Change advanced power settings link
·         In the advanced options, scroll down until you find Intel Graphics and click on the + next to it.
·         You should see two options below the Intel Graphics: Plugged In and On Battery. Set   both of these to Maximum Performance.
·         Apply and OK, then you can close everything else down.
·         Test now.

IE9 Setups:

Internet Options -> Security ->Local Intranet ->Custom Level and set up as fallowing

Now go to the Control panel and do the fallowing settings for the j-Initiator



Use The below to make windows not to switch to the current theme to windows basic while opening the J-Initiator.



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