Managing Oracle Apps User Passwords

1.        Changing the oracle apps user password from Database

           V_pwdchanged BOOLEAN;

         v_pwdchanged := fnd_user_pkg.changepassword('USER_NAME','welcome@123');
         IF v_pwdchanged THEN
         DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('password changed Sucessfully');
         DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Failed to change the Password');
        END IF;

2.        Force All Application users to Change their password

The script to expire all passwords in the fnd_user table is $FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/AFCPEXPIRE.sql.
It can be executed from SQL*Plus or as a Concurrent Program: sqlplus -s APPS/ @AFCPEXPIRE.sql
or Submit concurrent request: CP SQL*Plus Expire FND_USER Passwords
This script sets the fnd_user.password_date to null for all users which causes all user passwords to expire. It can also be run as a SQL*Plus concurrent program.
The user will need to create a new password upon the next login.
See the oracle Note for further
How To Force All Applications Users To Change Their Password? [ID 414976.1]

3.        Password should Contain at least n characters and include letters and numbers.

    è Profile option "Signon Password Length" should be changed to n
    è Profile option  "Signon Password Hard to Guess" should be changed to ‘YES’

4.       User will not be able to choose a password that is identical to his last ‘5’ previous passwords.

    è Profile option "Signon Password No Reuse” should be changed to “450”

5.        User will not be permitted to use his  username as part of his password

    è Profile option "Signon Password Hard to Guess"  should be changed to “Yes”

6.        User will be locked out after six consecutive failed access attempts

    è Profile option "Signon Password Failure Limit"  should be changed to “6”


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