Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions


1) How to Come out from a pl/sql Procedure execution Explicitly based on a condition ?
2) What are The Collection Types in pl/sql ?
3) Tell me the pl/sql table predecates ?
4) Can we declare package body without specification ?
5) How to handle the exceptions that fire while using Bulk Collect ?
6) Name the pl/sql Packages given by oracle other than DBMS_OUTPUT ?
    Ans:  dbms_sql ,dbms_utility, dbms_random


1) How we can use the Confine Mode in Reports ?
2) Can we assign multiple templates to a single Report ?
3) Req: My Report need to show the number of records displayed out of all records like
            10 Of 1000 Records in each page how to implement ?

BI Publisher :

1) How to make the RTF report to display header and footer only in First page ?


1) Which trigger first fire when we open the form ?
2) At last which trigger fire when we close the form?
3) Tell me the Sequence of Triggers That fire When we move from  one Field to Another Field in Form ?




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